Cloud Computing


The exam focuses to a limited extent upon Cloud technology. The main focus of the programme is the procurement, implementation and management of Cloud Computing, hence the slogan ‘Get into the Cloud – and stay in control’. EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation is part of the Certified Integrator program and is one of the prerequisites to attain the title:
EXIN Certified Integrator Secure Cloud Services.


Target group

EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation is intended for everyone playing a role or having an interest in the use and management of internet based services. This includes staff from internal and external service providers, their customers, managers and auditors.


Cloud Computing ties in well with other EXIN examination programmes, such as IT Service Management and Information Security. EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation was created in close collaboration with industry and trade organizations.

►Prerequisites : None

Exam content

Candidates are tested on five categories:

► The principles of Cloud Computing;
► Implementing and managing Cloud Computing;
► Using the Cloud;
► Security and Compliance;
► Evaluation of Cloud Computing.

Exam Details

► Number of questions: 40
► Pass mark: 65% (26 out of 40)
► Open book/notes: no
► Electronic equipment permitted: no

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