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Sustainability in the workplace with Green IT

Using IT consumes a lot of electricity resulting in carbon and greenhouse gas emissions. The IT industry is responsible for about 2% of all global emissions (Gartner 2012). That’s comparable to levels generated by the aviation industry.

But IT can also enable the decrease of pollution, thus contributing toward Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Smart buildings for example. Lighting in these buildings turns on automatically when someone enters a room and turns off again when they exit a room. It’s IT that makes these types of innovative applications possible. Smart IT reduces energy consumption and lowers costs.

Two types of Green IT certificates for CSR and IT professionals

If you want to be greener and smarter but just as effective in the way you do business, the Green IT certificate offers the solution. EXIN offers two types of Green IT certificates. If your company wants to create awareness of Green IT amongst all employees choose the Citizen Certificate. If you’re an IT Professional, the Foundation Certificate teaches you not only to analyze all IT components but will also enable you to reduce costs, increase efficiency and/or reduce the organization’s environmental footprint through technology. The certificate turns you into a sustainability manager.


The Citizen Certificate: essential for any CSR-conscious professional

You’ll learn to be more aware of the way you use IT in the workplace. You’ll obtain practical tips to save energy and work more sustainably. This certificate is beneficial to all employees in companies that have clear CSR objectives. Increasing their awareness means greener IT.
EXIN Green IT Citizen Certificate content:
► What green IT can offer
► The practical applications for green IT use
► Implementing green IT in the organization


The Foundation Certificate: for the IT professional who wants to work more efficiently and sustainably

The Foundation certificate will put you firmly on sustainable ground. You’ll learn all about implementing sustainability in the organization, the infrastructure and the data center. To ensure green IT implementation, we demonstrate where you can apply green IT in your IT Service Management processes. We also provide tools for governance. Learn how to apply the maximum amount of green IT solutions in your organization, and continuously improve them

EXIN Green IT Foundation Certificate content:

► What green IT can offer
► Green Lifecycle Management
► Optimize your infrastructure
► Lear all about the Smart/Green ICT Framework
► Make governance and other processes greener

Your Foundation Certificate includes the Smart / Green ICT Framework

Learn to work according to a structured process easily applied to new projects. The Smart / Green IT Framework shows you the areas where you can implement green IT in your company.

One major advantage is that the framework is formulated in practical and non-technical terms, to facilitate to talk to anyone about green IT. And mobilize and advise any department. Furthermore the framework is supported by easy-to-understand visual materials. To ensure clear communication about sustainable IT.


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