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PRINCE2 Foundation

PRINCE2 Foundation is a project management methodology. It was developed by the UK government agency Office of Government Commerce (OGC) and is used extensively within the UK government as the de facto project management standard for its public projects. The methodology encompasses the management, control and organization of a project. PRINCE2 is also used to refer to the training and accreditation of authorized practitioners of the methodology who must undertake accredited qualifications to obtain certification.


The Prince2 Foundation course is aimed at individuals who need to be informed members of a project management team within an environment using PRINCE2 methodology. It is targeted towards explanation of various terminology, the purpose and benefits of the documents produced and how these can be applied to everyday project work.

Insights about Prince2 Foundation Training Courses

Target Audience
Exam Format

Syllabus of Prince2 Foundation

  • Introduction to Service Management Lifecycle
  • Overview, Principles and Tailoring PRINCE2 to the Project Environment
  • Business Case (BC) Theme
  • Organization (OR) Theme
  • Quality (QU) Theme
  • Plans (PL) Theme
  • Risk (RK) Theme
  • Change (CH) Theme
  • Progress (PG) Theme
  • Starting up a Project (SU) Process
  • Directing a Project (DP) Process
  • Initiating a Project (IP) Process
  • Controlling a Stage (CS) Process
  • Managing Product Delivery (MP) Process
  • Managing a Stage Boundary (SB) Process
  • Closing a Project (CP) Process

Course Outline:

Learning Unit P2F01 : Overview, Principles and Tailoring PRINCE2 to the Project Environment
Learning Unit P2F02 : Business Case (BC) Theme
Learning Unit P2F03 : Organization (OR) Theme
Learning Unit P2F03 : Quality (QU) Theme
Learning Unit P2F04 : Plans (PL) Theme
Learning Unit P2F04 : Risk (RK) Theme
Learning Unit P2F04 : Change (CH) Theme
Learning Unit P2F05 : Progress (PG) Theme
Learning Unit P2F06 : Starting up a Project (SU) Process
Learning Unit P2F07 : Directing a Project (DP) Process
Learning Unit P2F08 : Initiating a Project (IP) Process
Learning Unit P2F09 : Controlling a Stage (CS) Process
Learning Unit P2F09 : Managing Product Delivery (MP) Process
Learning Unit P2F10 : Managing a Stage Boundary (SB) Process
Learning Unit P2F11 : Closing a Project (CP) Process

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