Project Management Professional

Project Management Professional (PMP) is a globally recognized and the most respected project management certification today. Over 25,000 Project Managers are getting this industry neutral certification annually. Project Management Institute (PMI) provides PMP certification and conducts the PMP certification exam through Prometric.

PMP is used as a screening tool by companies that have to fill their Project Management positions. PMP certified person applies Project Management methodologies in a standardized way. You get to know the best project management practices worldwide and your project management methodologies are not limited to hard work and organizational skills. And that is why employers are willing to pay more money for a PMP-certified professional. PMP Certification Benefits:

  • PMP certification credentials demonstrate to employers, clients, peers and subordinates that you possess solid foundation of experience & education in project management.
  • Companies use PMP certification as a screening tool to fill their project management positions.
  • Median salaries for PMP certified professionals are 30% higher than those without the certification.
  • PMP certification is the 4th hottest certification.
  • Many companies and U.S. government is strongly encouraging (in many cases, requiring) employees and contractors to hold the certification in order to bid on a project.
  • PMP certified professional is knowledgeable to apply the best project management methodologies.


  • 11% – Initiating the Project.
  • 23% – Planning the Project.
  • 27% – Executing the Project.
  • 21% – Monitoring and Controlling the Project.
  • 9% – Closing the Project.
  • 9% – Professional and Social Responsibility Eligibility for PMP Certification Exam.
  • Applicants must have 35 hours of specific project management education.
  • With a Bachelor’s Degree (or the global equivalent): Applicants must have a minimum three years professional project management experience, during which 4,500 hours are spent leading and directing project tasks, up to eight years from the time of application.
  • Without a Bachelor’s Degree(or the global equivalent): Applicants must have a minimum five years professional project management experience, during which at least 7,500 hours are spent leading and directing project tasks, up to eight years from the time of application..


  • The Project Management Framework.
  • Project Integration Management.
  • Project Scope Management.
  • Project Time Management.
  • Project Cost Management.
  • Project Quality Management.
  • Project Human Resources Management.
  • Project Communication Management.
  • Project Risk Management.
  • Project Procurement Management.
  • Project Management Ethical Responsibility and Code of Conduct.
  • Introduction and PMP Exam overview.
  • Mock Exam & Test Evaluation.


  • PMI Membership = $129 (including $10 application fee).
  • PMP Exam Fee for members = $405.
  • Total cost for Membership and Exam = $534 (Member cost).
  • PMP Exam Fee for Non-members = $555 (Non-member cost).


Accredited Training Material, group discussions, Mock Exams, Lunch & refreshment.

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Exam Format

  • Recertification: Must renew once every three years by passing a recertification exam.
  • Exam Types: Formats vary, including multiple choice, short answer, best answer, case studies, active screen, drag and drop, hot area, mark review etc
  • Work Environment:Most MCSAs work for computer companies, consulting firms, business and financial companies.
  • Pass Score: 28/40 or 70%.
    Total no.of Ques – 50.
  • Course Duration: 4Days.

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