The following agenda is followed:

Session A :

Day #1: Introduction

► Course Logistics (program layout, expectations, etc.)
► Six Sigma Introductory Overview
► Project Selection
► Process and Financial Metrics
► Project Reporting Expectations

Day #2: Project Definition

► Project Charters
► Estimating Financial Metrics
► Definition of process outputs (characteristics, defects, defectives)
► Process Mapping

Session B :

Day #3: Basic Statistics

► Fundamental Statistical Measures
► Control Charts
► Common and Special Cause Improvement Strategies
► Introduction to Mini tab

Day #4: Measurement System Analysis

► Variable Gage R&R
► Attribute Agreement Analysis

Day #5: Process Capability Analysis

► Variables Data Capability Analysis
► Attribute Agreement Analysis

Session C :

Day #6: Quality Tools/Hypothesis Testing

► Quality Tools
► Introduction to Hypothesis Testing
► 1 proportion Tests
► 2 proportion Tests
► Chi Square Testing

Day #7: Hypothesis Testing (con’t) & Regression

► T Tests
► Correlation Analysis
► Single Regression
► Multiple Regression

Session D :

Day #8: Design of Experiments (DOE)

► Introduction to Design of Experiments
► Non Parametric tests and analysis
► General Full Factorial Designs

Day #9: Design of Experiments (continued)

► Two-Level Factorial Designs
► Three-Level Factorial Designs
► Post-hock Analysis
► Fractional Factorials

Day #10: Improve and Control

► Solution Selection and Prioritization
► Pilot Studies (assessing countermeasures)
► Final Capability Analysis
► Process Controls
► Wrap-Up

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Six Sigma Black Belt

Training employees as Six Sigma Black Belts will provide the valuable skills needed to tackle the toughest problems confronting your organization. By coupling the proven Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control problem-solving methodology with robust statistical tools, Six Sigma offers a carefully defined road map for achieving business process improvements. Six Sigma Black Belt trainees obtain a solid understanding of the tools and methods associated with the Six Sigma approach.
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